Paul, Kristen. Brayden, Kaiden, Akoy, Kove and Baby Lainie

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pink and Blue Balloons...

*Sorry, LONG post......I should have written this post a few months ago but it's better late than never....Paul and I knew I was pregnant, a few months before we told anyone. It was SO hard keeping it from my mom (I told her just a few weeks a long when I was pregnant with Kaiden) but I wanted to tell her around my dad's birthday because I knew that would be a hard time for her and maybe news of a baby would help a little... so, we waited....

It was sooo hard to keep it from my mom, I tell her everything. I even lied to her one time when were in the temple. It was in January and I had had bad morning (night AND afternoon) sickness those first 2 months, that I brought crackers with me into the temple. (Don't worry, I cleared it with one of the cute little workers) I told my mom I just hadn't been feeling well. She was excited and said, "Maybe you are pregnant!?" I brushed it off and said "No, I don't think so." She said, "Maybe you are though." I made up something about already taking a test and it coming up negative. I felt soooo awful fibbing to my mom (and in the temple too!!) but I really felt like I should wait and not tell her at some random time.

We told the boys a few days before my dad's birthday so it wasn't a big surprise to them when we told my mom. I had some pink and blue balloons tied to our stair rail, had pink and blue decorations at our dinner table, made the boys drink their juice from baby bottles and had pink cupcakes sitting out, for dessert. They had NO idea what it was about (Brayden wasn't there or I'm sure he would have figured it out) Kaiden thought we were celebrating Ground Hogs Day since it was that day. I kept trying to give them hints but it wasn't working. Finally I told them that I had a picture of something for them. When I brought out an ultrasound picture Kaiden said, "oh, that's a picture of me before I was born!" (Oh my gosh, I should have been a little more obvious) So we finally just told all of them. They were really excited and hoped for a sister....

Anyway, my dad's birthday finally came and then I worried about taking away from his day with my news. Paul assured me that it wouldn't matter to my mom and that maybe it really would make it not as sad for her. I decided to get pink and blue balloons, and a bottle filled with candy and then was going give them to my mom some time that day.

It didn't work out that I was able to give them to her before I went to work because Paul had to be to work WAY earlier than my mom or I got up. We were going to dinner with Mandi and her family, JJ, Debbie and Jesse and I definitely didn't want to do anything there so I waited....We had a good time at dinner but it was sad at the same time. It turned out to be a sad night for my mom and she didn't get home until later. She stopped by my house on her way home but I just wasn't sure it was the time to let her know. I didn't want her to be sad but I didn't want to make the night about me. At the last minute I decided to have her come in (because Paul and Kaiden were waiting up to tell her with me) We gave her the balloons and she was really excited for us. She said that she was glad we had told her that night, and it did make things not as sad for her.

My post is turning out to be WAY longer than I wanted, so I am going to hurry and finish......
A few days after my dad's birthday I was talking to my mom and she said, "I have to tell you something kind of weird that happened this morning. JJ came upstairs and said, "Oh I guess someone is having a baby girl."

My mom looked out the window, thinking that there was a sign on the neighbor's house across the street. JJ said, "No look at the balloons." My mom had tied the pink and blue balloons to her piano in the living room. She said that the three blue balloons were on the ground and all of the pink ones were still floating like normal. She knew it had to be a sign that I was having a girl. I wasn't as convinced as she was though, especially since I really wanted a girl. When we went over later that day, I saw the balloons and it was pretty weird. The blue balloons weren't just a little flat, they were laying right on the ground and the pink ones were floating just like they were when I bought them. It was REALLY crazy.

I was going to post this little story right after my dad's birthday but I was worried that if I did, I would ruin the chances of our baby being a girl. (I know, I am weird) Now it's ok though, CAUSE SHE IS A LITTLE GIRL. YAY!!! My mom took some pics of the balloons so I will have to add them so you can see the proof.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Here's OuR BaBY GIrL!!

The boys jumped in the truck and Paul didn't want his pic taken, so here I am by myself.....(The sun was in my eyes, that's the reason for the weird face)

I wish you could see these 3-D ultrasounds the way they actually look because they are SO neat. They make our baby GIRL!!! look so real. I just can't figure out how to get them to post any bigger but if you click on them they look a little better. My neighbor did such an AMAZING job yesterday, I'm so glad that she was willing to do another ultrasound for us. Another great thing about going in again was that my mom was able to be there this time. My real appointment was at such a weird time that my mom was still driving so she couldn't make it. Paul, Akoy, Kove and I (Kaiden was with his dad this time :( ) met my mom at the Dr's office and Camie met us right up front. (Not even a minute of waiting, Yay!!)

The baby was SO active (it must have been the lemon bar I had on my way home from work or walking around a little before we went in :) She was waving her hands all over, turning from side to side, she even yawned a few times and we got to see it all. There is no question that she is a little girl, she wasn't afraid to show us this time. I was so excited to finally be able to say that I am having a little girl!!! All of us were really excited and I was so happy that my mom was able to be there this time (Its kind of a bittersweet thing)

Now we can start narrowing down some names, picking out furniture and bedding and I CAN GO SHOPPING!!! YAY!! Don't worry, I won't be too out-of-control but it will be really fun to look at cute frilly clothes for a change.

Monday, April 19, 2010


I have been SO patient the last month, waiting for the ultra sound appointment and the day FINALLY came. I was really nervous during work on Friday though and the longer we waited at the doctor's office, the more antsy I got. Paul had to tell me a few times, to just relax. We took Kaiden, Akoy and Kove with us and after waiting in the waiting room for almost an hour, we were able to go into the ultra sound room. Oh, before I get to that, one funny thing happened while we were waiting....

Akoy got bored just sitting there so he decided to look through a magazine. He picked one up and said, "Kristen, you should read this one." It was The Stages of Babies Development. I told him that maybe I would in a while. After a few minutes, Paul said, "Kristen look at this," and handed the magazine to me. I opened it up and it was pictures of a real birth (Ooh yuck!! I don't even like looking at that) Akoy had asked Paul where babies came from and Paul had told him from the mom's belly. Akoy handed him the magazine and said, "This doesn't look like a belly."

Paul ended up telling Akoy that sometimes they have to cut the mom's belly and there are other ways that babies are born too. I'm just not really sure if he is old enough to know all the details yet.

So back to the ultrasound...Doctor B asked the boys if they wanted a sister or a brother and all of them said "a sister!!" and we told him we had 4 boys. He said we might be in luck because 6 of his patients that day were having girls. He was great to take his time checking the babies head, heart, feet, lips and other important organs. He said that everything looked really great and the baby was even measuring pretty big (well, 14 oz) The boys kept saying, "oh is it a girl?" or "Can we see if it is a girl yet?" The doctor told them that he had to check a few things and then would get to that important part. When he was looking at the arms and hands he said, "oh, I'm not sure yet but most baby girls like to keep their hands close to their face and that's what the baby is doing. That could be a good sign." The boys were really excited about that.

When the doctor FINALLY got to checking the sex, he COULD NOT SEE MUCH AT ALL!! Our baby had its little legs so squished up that there was hardly any way to see anything. The doctor tried really hard to see different angles. He did say that he could kind of make out what he thought was girl parts and was 80% sure that she was a girl. He pushed on my stomach to see if it (or she) would move but it wouldn't budge. He tried some more to see other angles and was able to see a little under the baby. He thought it looked more like a girl, so he changed his prediction to 90% girl but still said he couldn't be sure because there were so many body parts in the way.

I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!!! I had been SO patient and we weren't really even sure. Doctor B said that he was going to put female in his notes but he wanted me to grab him at my next appointment (IN A MONTH!!) and he would do another ultrasound so he could confirm it for sure. OH MY GOSH, I HAD TO WAIT ANOTHER MONTH!! On a good note, the doctor didn't officially change my due date but he put in his notes as August 26th being the due date.

I really wasn't disappointed leaving the doctor's office, just a little more in disbelief. It was kind of funny that we really didn't know for sure. After waiting a whole month, waiting ALL day, waiting so long in the waiting room and then waiting to make sure the rest of the baby was ok, the doctor really wasn't sure. I knew that there were a bunch of friends and family that were waiting for our calls or texts but I wasn't really even sure what to say. I called my mom first and just told her the doctor wasn't sure. He said he thought it might be a girl but wasn't positive. She couldn't believe it either. I sent my text out saying that the DR. wasn't really convincing but he was 90%sure it was a girl. I know 90% sounds REALLY good but I think it was how the doctor was wording things that made us feel like it wasn't even that close. (He probably just knew all of us wanted a little girl :)

I knew I couldn't wait another month to really know what I was having so I called one of my neighbors that does ultrasounds and asked her if she could do another one for me. She was more than happy to and so today (Tuesday) I am going to go in around 5 and she will do another one for us. I hope Dr. B was right, I will let you know then....

Monday, April 5, 2010

10 more days........

We only have 10 more days until we find out what we are having. I am EXciTeD and NErvOuS at the same time. It has gone by pretty fast, thank goodness. I think it's because I have been trying not to think about it. The other day we were telling the boys that we would be able to find out soon if we would have a new sister or brother. Akoy asked, "How do they tell if it is a boy or a girl?"

No one said anything for a second and then Paul, Kaiden and I started laughing. I just wasn't sure how to answer him, do I teach them about the anatomy of boys and girls right then, or give him a technical answer? Kove saved me though and piped up, "I know how! Little boys don't have any hair huh?" All of us started laughing again. Oh the innocence of little kids....

I did tell them that the doctor had a special wand that he would rub over my stomach and they could see kind of a picture of the baby. We can explain more to them at the ultrasound or when they see the pictures. This should be fun....

Oh, the little girl's picture was not meant to be bigger than the little boys, that's just how it came over..I still have to write about my mom's pink and blue balloons and what happened