Paul, Kristen. Brayden, Kaiden, Akoy, Kove and Baby Lainie

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Baby, Baby, Baby

In less than 2 1/2 weeks we will have a new baby girl in our family! If she doesn't come early, I am being induced on the 26th. It is still so weird to be this far a long. I really didn't think I would get here but I'm soooo glad that I did but it's a little weird. I am SO not excited about having cankles, (or stumps as Paul and my brothers call my LARGE ugly feet) having to get up 50 times a night is not so fun and I'm not sure what to do about my wardrobe of clothes that aren't fitting so great lately. With only a few weeks to go, I can't justify buying new clothes but I am really feeling like a scrounge lately. My little bro was even making fun of my t-shirt and sweat pant attire last night. He said that I should just get a wife-beater that comes to the middle of my stomach and call it good. I didn't think I looked THAT bad, my stomach was not showing at all but I guess my clothes are getting a little too small. I had changed out of the clothes I had worn to work and just wanted to wear something comfortable . Paul offered to let me wear some of his t-shirts but I definitely wouldn't go out of the house in them. It's just a big dilemma but one I'm not going to worry too much about, as long as I have a few things that still look nice enough o wear to work and out-and-about, who cares what I look like at home.

Really though, I am so excited that I am 37 weeks and only have a few more to go. I can put up with not so stylish clothes and uncomfortable, fat feet for a little while longer....Plus, I still have a lot to do before she gets here. We have her stroller and car seat, which is probably the most important thing but I would like to get the house a little organized, not have boxes unpacked all over the place and at least have our bed put up and some kind of rocking chair or other kind of chair set up. I still need to order the crib bedding (at least I know what I want) and it would be nice to have a crib too. I really haven't been procrastinating, but have been waiting to get into our house where we will have room to put things. These next few weeks are going to be lots of fun....(or stressful)

A few weeks ago two of my sweet friends (and Marci's cute girls too) threw me a baby shower. They put so much work into it and it turned out soooo cute. I was worried about the weather all day but it turned out perfect for us to have it in my mom's backyard. I have been blessed with a lot of neat friends and family and so many of them showed up. I got so many cute things, Little Lainie will be so spoiled. Thank you to everyone that came and everyone that helped make it a great night!!

There are tons more pictures but they are on everyone else' cameras, so this is all I have for now:

Our house is done!!!!

Yesterday we closed on our house!!! I can't believe how fast they got it done. When we first started, I thought we were going to be pushing it to be done before the baby was here. I thought that with my luck, she would be born the same time we were closing and moving in. The timing has worked out perfectly though and if she wants to come now, she can. Actually, I better try to get a few things organized in our house before I have her or we will be in a little bit of chaos.

We can't officially move in until the loan funds but that should be today so we should be able to start moving our stuff in on Wednesday and have the weekend to get the big stuff. We have had some really big blessings in our life over the past year. It has been a sad year but also full of so many good things. I think we might have an extra angel watching over us....I just feel so blessed to have a sweet baby girl on the way and a new house that Paul and I built together for our little (well, not so little) family. I am excited to start out fresh, to get more organized and accomplish some goals that I have been putting off. What a better time to put those goals into practice than in a new home. Wish me luck.......