Paul, Kristen. Brayden, Kaiden, Akoy, Kove and Baby Lainie

Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy 1ST Anniversary to the BEST Husband!!!

WOW I can't believe it's already been a year since Paul and I were married. I know that seems funny, especially since a lot of my friends are celebrating 5, 10, 12 and even 15 years of marriage. One year is a big deal though, especially since I was single for SOOOO long. I think that most of my fam, friends and even myself, had lost faith (in me) that I would ever get married again.

Deep down, I knew that ONE day I would find THAT great guy but for some reason he just wasn't coming along when I wanted him to. I knew that the guy I was going to marry had to be different than all the rest. The thought of getting married again, scared me and I had this HUGE list of the kind of guy I was looking for (some things kind of stupid but others very important) I remember telling my sis "I need a lightning bolt" so that I really knew the guy I was suppose to marry. She thought I was crazy..... I just meant that I really needed to know from God, that this was HIM. So, I put my Faith in God and waited and waited and waited....... Then I met Paul....

Things just fell into place. After our first date, at the end of June, we were together EVERY day. Any other time, I would have FREAKED out but I felt more peace with Paul than I had ever felt. After dating for only 2 weeks, I felt like I had known him forever. He felt the same way but didn't say anything because he knew how scared I was about getting remarried. As soon as I told him how I felt, we knew that we wanted to marry each other. 2 WEEKS IS CRAZY I KNOW!!! but when you know in your heart that it's right you just know.

This year went by SO fast. We have had a little bit of a crazy year...... blending four boys, dealing with exes, getting used to each other's way of doing things and all the stuff that comes with remarriage has had its challenges but every day gets a little easier. I wouldn't want to go through any of this with anyone besides Paul. I am so thankful for him, for being my best friend, for his example to me as a parent, for his testimony and love for the Gospel, for loving me as much as he does, for being patient with me and for all that he does for all of us. I love you!!! (I'm looking forward to the next 50 years) This is going to be our year babe.....

Friday, September 5, 2008

Labor Day Holiday! Only a few weeks late

We had a fun Labor Day holiday (How could we not, the boys got a day off from school and Paul and I got a day off of work) It was Mckay's 7th birthday and Kaiden, Akoy and Kove were invited to go to Boondocks to celebrate. Paul and I went too, to take all of our boys and to help Mandi a little (sorry Mandi, if I got a little bossy with all those boys and the little hostess. She just wasn't moving things along fast enought to keep everyone's attention) Mandi bought herself, Maci, Kove and either Paul or I passes for the bumper boats, while the bigger boys did their thing. Well, both Kove AND Maci wanted to ride with Paul-neither of them wanted to go with Mandi or I at all. They knew they would have more fun with Paul. He is the jokester and "the fun one" all the kids love him. SO, Mandi went on the boat by herself and Paul took Kove and Maci. I stood outside the gates taking pictures but ended up as wet as everyone else because the kids wanted Paul to soak me. Paul's nephew was getting baptised at 5 so we had to leave a little early but everyone had tons of fun. Thanks Mandi and Mckay!!!