Paul, Kristen. Brayden, Kaiden, Akoy, Kove and Baby Lainie

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Yes I was one of the crazy ones that was out this morning before 4:00 a.m. JJ's girlfriend, Debbie and I hit the after Thanksgiving sales. AND then I went into work when we were done. I was pretty loopy the whole day but I got A LOT of great deals.


We had a great Thanksgiving break! On Thursday afternoon we went to the Warner family Thanksgiving, at the Aults beautiful home. Thanks to the Ault family and everyone that decorated, set up tables, brought yummy food and everything else that was involved in the wonderful day. I think there were over 70 of us there. Crazy I know, but it's fun that Paul comes from such a big family. It turned out really nice!!
After semi-stuffing ourselves there, we went right over to my mom's and dad's to stuff ourselves some more...We missed having Brayden and Kaiden with us but it was still a really good day. JJ's girlfriend Debbie came and of course the rest of us were all there. Hopefully that's how it will always be, since all of us live so close.
All of the kids went and played football with Paul and JJ. Debbie was even out with them for awhile.
On Saturday we had another Thanksgiving with my dad, at my sister's house. This time Kaiden was there but Brayden had to work (sorry Brayden, we missed you!)

Battle of the (5th and 6th grade) Bands

On Tuesday I went to one of the best Rock Concerts that I have been to in a long time (and I have been to some great ones, back in the day) Kaiden's class had a lip-sync battle of the bands for a project in Geography. Isn't it cool that they can incorporate a rock concert into learning?? It was pretty funny, because all of the groups of boys did songs that were popular when I was younger. Kaiden's group did a Bon Jovi song and I think they were one of the best ones. Two of the guitarist's (including Kaiden) even jumped off the stage onto their knees and did a guitar solo. It was cute (or cool to a 5th grader) All of the kids did a great job, it was a lot of fun!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


I LOVE Halloween, it's one of my most favorite holidays (Besides Christmas) We had a crazy day......... First, Paul had to get Kaiden up early to spray him blue (He was one of the Blue Men from the Blue Man Group) I went off to work, picked up donuts and extra blue paint because Paul used 2 cans on Kaiden's face, hands and swim cap.

Halloween is a big deal at my work so it is always a lot of fun. There were tons of great costumes. I missed our company party because I had to race back to PG for Kaiden's school parade. I heard that the party was great though..... Raced back to work for a few hours and then back home for the nights activities to begin....

The night before, Paul cooked up some homemade chili. It was suppose to be my job but I was busy trying to make some blue paint for Kaiden's costume (which didn't turn out) so Paul took over for me. What a great husband I have! So when I got home on Halloween, the chili was heating up, I put some biscuits in the oven and we had a great Halloween dinner. (Thanks Letecia for the "Winning Chili recipe" it turned out great) We had tons of places to go so we headed out as soon as we could.

First stop was grandma and grandpa W's house. My mom always has fun Halloween treats for the kids and this year was no different.... Next, we decided to do some trick-or-treating in our own neighborhood. The weather was great, besides a few sprinkles of rain. Kove LOVED going from house to house. He kept saying, "This is SO fun I love this, I'm having so much fun." It was so cute.

Maci was afraid of Paul so she wouldn't take a picture with us.

Paul's sister and brother-in-law were doing a "Midnight Carnival" at their house so that was our next stop....... They did such a great job. There were a bunch of clowns dressed up, walking around, giving out popcaorn and cotton candy and running carnival-type games.

Flag Football

Kaiden has been playing Flag Football since September and his team played really well. Tuesday was their tournament games. His team was in the top four so they played two games, the first game was for third or fourth place. If they won they would play the second game for first or second place. The first game was back and fourth with 2 over times and Kaiden's team getting the last point, for the win!!! It was so exciting! The second game was against a bunch of Kaiden's friends from school, a team we lost to, by one point in the regular season. Both teams were doing so great on defense that the score stayed 0-0 until the last few minutes when the other team scored 2 points for the win. It was sad for our team but it was great to get 2nd place. Way to go Kaiden!!